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Welcome to the EDGE

Edge is the connection point between smart entrepreneurs and keen investors. Building a culture of investment to create joint opportunities is what drives us.

We believe that opportunities don't just happen, one has to discover and cultivate them. Edge is a platform that provides a stepping point to uncover opportunities, fueling dreams into reality.


Looking to invest in an innovative idea or partner with an up and coming business? Edge could connect you with that next opportunity!


Want to pitch your business or idea for investment? Pitch applications are now OPEN! Click for the application form, and be a part of the excitement!


Edge is a hub for inspirational, engaging speakers and a networking opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors and skilled service providers to cultivate relationships.

October 30th, 2019

Westerner Park
Red Deer, Alberta

Edge Investment ForumWed, Oct-30-2019 @ 9:30 am

If you are an entrepreneur looking for investment or strategic guidance, or an investor looking for your next opportunity, Edge is the event you do not want to miss. Edge Investment Forum bridges the gap between entrepreneurs and investors, bringing together individuals who have brilliant ideas with folks who have the foresight to invest in these ideas. We exist to fuel your dreams and turn them in to reality.